Episode 99

Published on:

1st Dec 2022

Do you ever take the time…?

Do you tend to get overwhelmed with everything going on in your life? Whether it’s the responsibilities piling up at work, the chores you have to do at home, or the people in your life who need your attention, it can feel like you have too much on your mental load if you never get to step away from it all.


That’s why it’s important to learn how to take time for yourself. 


What does taking time to yourself mean?

To find time for yourself means to set time aside consciously. This time should be meant for you and you alone.

It’s not meant to be time alone to catch up on the chores on your to-do list. It’s also not supposed to be time spent with your partner.

Putting aside some time that’s truly for yourself means you get to spend time on your own doing what you want to do, not what anyone else thinks you should be doing. It’s a simple self-care practice yet difficult for many to implement.


Is it okay to take time for yourself?

There’s always a lot going on in anyone’s life. You’ll have work, chores, keeping up with friends, spending time with your partner, caring for children and pets, and so much more to think about.

But you’re allowed to take time alone that’s meant for you and only for you. It’s a vital step in taking care of yourself. 


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